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Flow enables you to focus on your work instead of getting bogged down with mundane tasks. Get the latest document updates, folder additions, and industry information delivered to you instead of chasing it down across various SharePoint, OneDrive, or web locations.

Software templates

Don’t lose another important presentation, image, or document. Flow makes it easy to automatically store a copy of all your email attachments for quick reference and organization.

Stay up-to-date and informed with automated notifications whenever your SharePoint lists or cloud-based files and folders are updated—Flow ensures you’re always working with the latest information.

Simplify the way you use and manage your work and personal calendars. Start with ready-to-use templates designed to synchronize events across calendars, block out time with the push of a button, and more.

RSS feeds are a great way to get the news headlines, blog entries, and updated information you want delivered to you. These easy-to-use flows provide a summary of the day’s news and ensure you get notified when a new blog is posted.

Dress winter Morgan Boutique Donna Casual wIBaqY Dress winter Morgan Boutique Donna Casual wIBaqY
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