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Key features

  • New and broader text direction in its intent to prepare students in a wide variety of science, health, business, engineering, and technical majors to develop the kinds of documents they will need to write in a work environment.

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  • Continues a strong focus on the rhetorical nature of writing, helping writers understand their readers and the context in which their documents will be read and used; define their purpose in writing; and design documents with those issues as critical guideposts.

  • Additional practical resources on the fully integrated companion web site, such as online tutorials and interactive sample documents, with an increased emphasis on integration to the text, using the new web icons appearing throughout the book text, to direct students to additional related web site resources.

  • New opening scenarios for each chapter demonstrating the impact of technical communication in the real world.
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  • Updated and increased current technology coverage. Chapters on document design, and usability, in particular, have been heavily revised to reflect changes in technology and an increasing use of Web-based documents and platforms. Also includes many links to useful web sites throughout.

  • Increased coverage of ethics within discussions of ethical principles throughout the text and an updated Chapter 5: Writing Ethically.

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  • Added coverage of international and global workplace issues within a revised and updated Chapter 6: Writing for International Readers. Also, issues of cultural and social style differences are discussed throughout all relevant chapters.

  • New chapter completely covering the topic of content management: Chapter 9: Creating and Managing Text.
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  • New chapter exploring the subject of versatile creativity for reports: Chapter 13: Creating Reports for any Occasion, preparing students for the many different workplace report situations that may arise.

  • New chapter focusing on achieving clarity for documents through design and format: Chapter 8: Designing and Formatting Documents. Also, the design elements discussed in this new chapter are then employed throughout the book itself.

  • More illustrative figures added. These new figures have been added throughout but primarily to a new Chapter 8 and a revised Chapter 11: Creating Tables and Figures. Also, they include a greater use of full color and a new approach, focusing on a broader range of disciplines.

  • Further example documents added throughout. More than half the sample documents used in the text are new examples. These additions fall throughout the book, but primarily within the revised Chapter 16: Making Proposals and Progress Reports and updated Chapter 19: Preparing Oral Reports: The Basics, and include new Web reports and other related documents. Also, Appendix B offers a new Example Student Technical Report in full.

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  • Further end-of-chapter exercises now include some projects specifically intended to encourage collaboration, often linked to an online component on the companion web site, so student interaction is encouraged.

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  • Dress Boutique Max Studio winter Casual Instructor's Manual. Additional teaching resources for instructors accompanies the textbook as a CD-ROM and online.
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