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Effective management of school workforce attendance

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An overview of the roles and responsibilities, with regards to attendance management, of all those involved in the education of children and young people.

The effective management of workforce attendance is fundamental to ensuring positive learner outcomes, as well as monitoring and improving the health and well being of the education workforce. Local authorities, regional education consortia, school staff responsible for arranging cover, governing bodies and commercial supply agencies should read this document to ensure they understand their role and responsibilities in the effective management of workforce attendance.

Sweater Boutique Pullover Garnet Hill Wool winter Annex A provides some self-reflection questions for school leaders, governing bodies and local authorities when considering how absence should be covered.

Annex B Provides information on how a supply teacher should be supported for the duration of their placement in the school environment.

Enquiries about this document should be directed to:

Workforce Strategy Unit
The Education Directorate
Education and Public Services Group
Welsh Government

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