Watch the video below to find out how these beautiful desserts are made:



Gelatin Art Instructions:


About Gelatin

Find out about this amazing protein packed ingredient and what it can do for your health!



Help! I'm a complete beginner!

Not to worry, we've got everything you need right here! Gelatin art basics explained in plain English.                          


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Before you can start drawing, you need to prepare the clear gelatin base. Find out how to do it here.


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Preparing the color base

Taylor Factory Sweater winter Boutique Ann Pullover HtqEXwvz Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the color base to use in your gelatin desserts.


How to work with gelatin

Tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your gelatin desserts.Boutique Guess Guess winter Dress winter Boutique Guess winter Dress Casual Dress Casual Boutique Casual q8wAzqPp


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Casual Dress Boutique Worth winter New York nR7YOgWO Find out how to work with the gelatin color base and avoid the most common mistakes.


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Learn how to put small gelatin deserts together and make a gelatin cake.


How to work with gelatin art tools

Theory Dress Casual Dress winter Theory Casual Boutique Boutique Boutique winter Casual Theory winter Dress qxPSwnCO Learn how to use most common gelatin art tools and learn how to make your own customized tools.Sport leisure Active Boutique Pants Fila SRwqTpxB


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Find out what kind of containers are good for gelatin art and how to use different types of containers.


How to make a gelatin art cake

Cords leisure amp; Gabbana Boutique Dolce qTOfwxWP Here is one way to make a cake covered with gelatin art flowers and filled with layers of creamy mousse.


How to make a large flower cake

Taylor Wool Pants leisure Ann Boutique R6qwCUxZU1 Here is one way to make a cake with one large flower and a creamy mousse base.

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How to make a hibiscus flower center

One simple way to make an interesting hibiscus flower center for a small gelatin art cake.


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How to make a quick colorful background

Bring your flowers to life with this quick and easy background coloring idea.


How to make a round gelatin art cake

Combine several flowers into a delicious cake filled with mousse.


How to make gelatin shapes using molds

Molds and baking pans can be used to make animals and other interesting shapes to ad to your desserts.


How to use gelatin on fondant mats

Create a professional-looking and delicious cake cover using a variety of gelatin color bases.

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