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We often need to create lists that display different types of content. For example, we might be working on a List that shows a heading followed by a few items related to the heading, followed by another heading, and so on.

How would we create such a structure with Flutter?


  1. Create a data source with different types of items
  2. Convert the data source into a List of Widgets

1. Create a data source with different types of item

Types of Items

In order to represent different types of items in a List, we’ll need to define a class for each type of item.

In this example, we’ll work on an app that shows a header followed by five messages. Therefore, we’ll create three classes: ListItem, HeadingItem, and MessageItem.

// The base class for the different types of items the List can contain
abstract class ListItem {}

Gear Jogger Fan UFC Fan Gear Jogger UFC // A ListItem that contains data to display a heading
class HeadingItem implements Jogger Jogger UFC Fan Fan UFC Gear Gear ListItem {